At the beginning of September, Alza opened a new logistics center in Senec, which makes it possible to keep 3,500 types of goods closer to customers, with the possibility of personal collection within 45 minutes of ordering; especially large household appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines.

"The new logistics center in Senec with a usable area of ​​almost 19,000 square meters will allow us to increase stocks with goods worth almost 300 million crowns, which will be available to customers on the day of ordering, especially in Slovakia," says Lukáš Baudyš, Director of Logistics and adds: “Together with the further expansion of usable areas in the existing centers in Zdiboy (+ 30%) and Úžice (+ 10%) with more than 18,000 m2, we now have sufficient capacity to be able to provide our services this season to more than 20% of shoppers. "

In total, Alza will start the main, Christmas season with a warehouse capacity increased by 39%, which is almost 42,000 new meters of usable area. The new Senec center represents almost a third of this growth. At the same time, Moravia, Hungary, and partly also Austria are also supplied from Slovakia.

For faster and more convenient availability of orders, the company v Senci also plans to open the second AlzaDrive in Slovakia, which will allow easy pick-up of goods without getting out of the car. So far, this option is only offered in Bratislava and Prague's Horní Počernice.

Customers who want to directly solve their connection or professional assembly by purchasing the goods can use the ever-expanding portfolio of AlzaExpres own transport services. As part of the pilot project, Alza will be transporting XL products to the entire Bratislava and Trnava region, including delivery on the day of ordering. The expansion of the service is also planned in Budapest.


Source:// Systémy logistiky