Arca Capital planned to build the Šancová Polyfunctional House in an empty space where only the ruins of former foodstuffs are located today. The seven-storey building was to contain housing, offices and shops on the ground floor, the courtyard was to be landscaped. Apparently, the gap on Jelena Street should have been developed.

Chance can get another 64 apartments, including generous roof residences with terraces. Offices with an area of up to two thousand square meters will be located on the level of the second floor, shops and services on the first floor will have an area of 1.1 thousand square meters. Underground parking will be designed for 218 cars. The building will create a kind of noise barrier to the street, which will benefit especially the houses and apartments on Palárikova Street. The transformation of the space between the new building and the colony on Paláriková will contribute to the overall cultivation of the area.