On the site of the original Istropolis, the multifunctional project Nový Istropolis is to be built in the location (an important traffic junction of the Trnava toll).

"We are fully continuing with the design work and preparations for the implementation of New Istropolis in the presented plan, we are currently working on the zoning decision, which we want to obtain in the course of 2023," Immocap executive director Martin Šramko told ASB, adding that they are planning meetings with citizens. They want to present the current state of the works to the public, they will show the shape of the project and at the same time answer the residents' questions.

They want to renovate the buildings by the end of 2022

The building of the Children's and Youth Center has already been removed from the surface. According to the valid decision, they will complete the renovation of these buildings by the end of 2022. The renovation of the high-rise building is also planned during this period.

The developer has a valid decision to remove the office building. In the sense of the decision, the building will be gradually dismantled. They will remove it sensitively, taking into account the residents in the neighborhood.

The campaign will start in the fall

In the past weeks, a tender was held, in which they selected an advertising agency covering the future marketing activities of the project. "Soon, we will publicly present the creators and concept of the campaign, and we plan to start it in the fall, so that the wider public can learn more about Novy Istropolis," said Šramko.

The company will continue its activities towards the public under the name Good Neighbor and has several urban interventions in the immediate vicinity of the project in the works for the next few months. The changes mainly concern greenery and space for spending free time.

They are negotiating the support of the NKKC

Immocap with the New Istropolis project, developer JTRE and fair organizer Incheba with their own projects aspired to the location of the future building of the National Cultural and Congress Center (NKKC). The path to the center will now be a public competition and process under the baton of the state.

In this regard, Executive Director Šramko said that they are intensively negotiating with public institutions, including the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, and with renowned foreign investors with experience in similar projects to support the creation of the NKKC. According to a study submitted in the past to the Department of Values, the NKKC was supposed to bring in more than 30 million euros annually.


Visualization of New Istropolis | Source: Immocap

If there is no interest in NKKC, they will build the second version of the project

If the state is definitely not interested in the National Cultural and Congress Center, Immocap is ready for the second option. It will preserve the function of culture in the building through a hall with a minimum capacity of 1,650 seats. The original Great Hall in Istropolis had 1,150 seats.

"We will bring the new cultural center in any case, because the cultural stand is an integral part of the entire project with a unique added value," concluded Šramko

In autumn 2021, after difficult negotiations, Immocap signed a contract with the Nové Mesto district with several obligations. Among other things, he pledged to build a cultural and social hall in the project for at least 1,650 seated spectators in the first phase of construction. If this does not happen, he will pay a fine of 5 million euros.

New Istropolis

A cultural and social center, two residential buildings, three administrative buildings and a congress hotel with underground parking spaces for servicing the entire building.

Commercial premises, temporary accommodation, an underground garage and public spaces are also proposed within the complex.

The total cost of construction is estimated in both proposed variants at the level of about 200 million euros. (April 2021)