The intention to build the Gates project has been underway for several years when the developer proposed the construction of a multifunctional building, consisting of two parts, a nine-story and a five-story, connected by a common single-story base. VI Group in cooperation with ACORD s.r.o. proposed to place 32 accommodation units in the lower building, serving as a dormitory with facilities, and 24 apartments. There should have been another 82 flats in the upper part. However, the municipality rejected these plans on the grounds that the plan was not in accordance with the Spatial Plan, because the student dormitories are housing and, in addition, are located in an inappropriate location.

Investors have therefore redrawn the plan. Instead of the original solution, they placed 56 flats on four floors in the lower part and 82 office units on eight floors in the upper part. In this regard, the City Council gave a positive binding opinion on the project. The plan is also submitted in its form for other permitting stages, including environmental impact assessment (EIA). The attached documentation contains the display and the specific form of the project.

The balances are thus the same as in the binding opinion, and the use of a commercial ground floor in favor of one tenant - a supermarket, who normally prefers separate operations, is also confirmed. Residents and tenants or office owners will use 159 parking spaces on the first underground floor, supermarket visitors 43 spaces in the field. The project is located on a relatively compressed plot of land between the street and the station premises, which also affects the entrance to the garages or the sidewalk for the building. The cycle route is shared with the sidewalk, although with regard to the growing importance of Kopčianská, it would also deserve guidance on a separate body.

As for the individual flats, the project documentation shows that smaller units, one- and two-room, will significantly predominate. More interesting is the view of the offices, from which it is clear that these are only slightly modified apartments. However, the developer skillfully used the current situation to justify the solution. "The composition of office space is based on the assumption of the future direction and trends within the administration, the gradual abandonment of large-capacity premises towards smaller work units is currently exacerbated by stricter hygiene measures in connection with the spreading pandemic," the plan said. In the event of a change in the zoning plan in the future, the offices are immediately transformable into flats.

VI Group belongs to the developers, directly connected with the architectural office. This can be seen in projects to a lesser extent, as the investor also largely focuses on more affordable housing, which limits the possibilities of architectural expression. The Gates will also be of a simpler appearance, wherein contrast there will be a lower mass with a simple white plaster, and a higher one with a ceramic (brick) cladding. The dead ground floor from Kopčianská should be revived with visual work. The developer states that in this way he wants to plant the project appropriately in the site.

The start of construction of the plan is expected by the end of 2022, which is relatively late with regard to the current permitting procedure and the standard length of proceedings. Completion of the construction is thus planned for the first quarter of 2025. The developer plans to invest approximately 10 million euros in the project.


Source:// YIMBA