More specifically at the end of the third quarter of this year. This was confirmed to TASR by company spokesman Sebastián Révay.

"We are working with several dates, but the exact date depends on several factors and, last but not least, on the development of a situation with an increasingly inflected third wave of the pandemic. that the priority remains to open the floodplain as soon as possible.

The developer is currently fine-tuning the details in the part of the new bus station, testing the lighting, technologies, information systems and preparing to launch the terminal with the future operator. Traffic signs on epoxy surfaces have finally determined the logic of transport routes and static transport. "The bus station will have a total of 36 platforms, seven exits and up to 86 bus stops, which will be illuminated by ambient lighting," the investor specified. There will also be a washing line for buses.

They installed elements of small architecture on the roof, such as benches, loungers and tables. "We are also fine-tuning the individual elements of planting and testing automatic irrigation with their regulation. In the final, we are also with children's playgrounds, which receive the final shapes and colors," the developer explained.

The investor planned to complete the new bus station in Bratislava in 2020. For the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which affected the dynamics and development of construction work on the project or the situation on the retail market, it plans to open the station at the end of this summer. The project is to be a combination of an international bus terminal, a shopping center, a market and a high-rise office building. The green roof offers a jogging track, exercise or picnic areas, a community garden and children's playgrounds.

Construction of the project began in May 2017 with work on the Nivy Tower office building.

Remediation work on the site of the old bus station began in October 2017 and was completed in January 2018. The function of the existing bus station is performed by a replacement bus station on Bottova Street in Bratislava. At the same time, the investor built the Mlynské nivy boulevard near the station.

Source: // SME Bratislava