In terms of ownership structure, as in the previous quarter, approximately 4% of buildings are state-owned and another 12% are buildings that are owned and fully occupied by the same entity. The total stock for commercial use remains at 84% of the total modern office space in Bratislava (1.7 million m2).


In total, we have almost 723,302 m2 of office space in Bratislava with a valid green/sustainable building certificate. This is 36% of the total volume of office space in Bratislava, or 40 out of 274 buildings. Of the certified offer, 60% has BREEAM, 2.5% a combination of BREEAM/WELL GOLD and 37.5% LEED. Only two buildings in Bratislava have the highest BREEAM Outstanding rating - Twin City Tower and Pradiareň 1900. In the case of LEED Platinum, it is the Ein Park Offices building.


Rental transactions reached an area of 51,684 m2 in the second quarter of 2023, which represents a 14% increase compared to the previous quarter. In a year-on-year comparison, the volume of leased areas increased by 85%.

Renegotiations in the volume of 45% and pre-leases in the volume of 27% made up the most increases. New leases accounted for 21% and expansions were at the level of 7%.