CEE Tenant Advisors is a team of Commercial Real Estate professionals who have the knowledge and expertise all over Central and Eastern Europe - each advisor having many years of experience in property advisory in his home country. 

They like to think of themselves as a small but perfectly formed group of specialists who have tenants' interest at best, working to understand, qualify and define together with tenants their future space needs. 


The company deals with three important pillars in the office leasing process:

Lease Renegotiation

Office Relocation

Interior Design


Lease Renegotiation: 

“Good renegotiation can be more difficult than relocation. Renegotiating a lease is not only a matter of financial conditions, but very often also the re-establishment of the contract. Tenants should be mindful of contractual obligations that have direct impact on occupation costs such as reinstatement costs, which tenant representatives usually eliminate during renegotiation.” - says Emmanuel Gluntz, Czech Republic CEE Tenant Advisor 


Office Relocation: 

“Make sure that your office is the right fit. Many companies feel they know exactly what their office needs are, but end up regretting the decision before the lease expires. "You don't know what you don't know." By carefully assessing your needs, a tenant advisor can help you make sure you have a clear idea of what will work best for your employees in terms of floor space, location, layout and more.” - says Marcin Szlęzak, Polish CEE Tenant Advisor 


Interior Design:

“We are fully focused on the needs and comfort of the tenant. While people are aware of the importance of interior design in their homes or retail stores, it is often overlooked in business offices. Workspaces, receptions and conference rooms should be more than the sum of tables, desks and chairs. An office design can significantly affect your business. The image of office projects says a lot about your company and the value it gives to both clients and employees. The impact on everyone is equally important. Designing an office focuses on creating a workspace that inspires employees to be creative, productive, and focused on tasks. It will also provide a fresh look at much-needed recreational and social spaces. The result will increase employee engagement and productivity.” - says Timi Kovačević, Croatian CEE Tenant Advisor 


Whether you’re looking for finding a new office, renegotiate your lease down due to a pandemic situation or simply transform your current space to a more flexible working function, they will make all those 3 steps easy for you.

More information is available at www.cee-tenant-advisors.com