Loan without submitting financial statements for members of selected chambers

The Finnish developer YIT, which is behind the new ZWIRN district including the administrative building ZWIRN OFFICE, allows members of professional chambers to obtain a loan without submitting financial statements in cooperation with selected banks. A company that is a member of, for example, bar, medical or architectural chambers and many other chambers, does not need to document its financial results when taking out a loan for the purchase of premises in ZWIRN OFFICE. For example, membership in the bar association gives the possibility to obtain a loan of up to 250,000 euros with a maturity of 20 years at VÚB Profihypo without examining the financial condition. "This is a fundamental benefit that will make it easier for companies to access a loan to finance the purchase of their own premises," says Michaela Ochmanová, MRICS, manager of commercial premises at YIT Slovakia.

When setting up purchased premises in ZWIRN OFFICE, the entrepreneur receives a loan for financing in the amount of 70% of the value. If the object of the deposit is an apartment or a family house, the amount of the loan increases to 80% and, in the case of establishing an apartment in Bratislava, up to 90% of the value of the purchased office. "We help our clients with the purchase with the services of a business loan advisor and support in obtaining financing," adds M. Ochmanová.

Members of the chambers listed below do not have to submit financial statements to VÚB Bank when applying for a profihypo loan:

Association of private doctors of the Slovak Republic Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers Chamber of restaurateurs Chamber of Veterinary Doctors of the SR Chamber of Notaries of the SR Slovak Bar Association Slovak Chamber of Architects Slovak Chamber of Auditors Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors Slovak Chamber of Executors Slovak Chamber of Psychologists Slovak Chamber of Experts Slovak Chamber of Dentists Slovak Chamber of Pharmacy Slovak Medical Chamber Association of General Practitioners for Adults of the Slovak Republic, o.z.

ZWIRN OFFICE with the best accessibility and a view of the castle

The new administrative building ZWIRN OFFICE has been growing in the Nivy zone since 2022 and will be fully operational in a year. Its key advantage is its good location, which facilitates access for clients and is also a "magnet" for quality employees. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, as well as housing, a school or a kindergarten within a 15-minute distance from the office - on foot or by bike. Excellent transport connections thanks to buses, trolleybuses and suburban transport in combination with cycle paths provide the best accessibility in the city.




In ZWIRN OFFICE, companies can buy an office from 28 m2 up to any area, as the building offers a total area of over 9,600 m2. Companies can thus arrange their offices and operating rooms according to the size they need. This is rare in modern buildings. ZWIRN OFFICE is the first A-class office building in Bratislava, which will allow companies to welcome clients in their own modern, high-quality premises in a building with excellent accessibility and acceptable cost. In addition, those who are in a hurry can choose offices with a view of Bratislava Castle. "For companies that need to own representative premises, ZWIRN OFFICE is clearly the best choice."

Own premises as an investment with a higher return thanks to financial leverage

The purchase of company premises is also a long-term investment for companies. If an entrepreneur has free funds, he can buy them to protect them from depreciation by inflation by benefiting from the increase in the value of real estate. In addition, he can increase the return on investment by using credit as financial leverage. This means that, thanks to the loan, he can buy a larger area of office space and thereby significantly value his investment.

When buying their own offices, the so-called double tax protection. This is a combination of tax depreciation of the investment and interest, which the company can also include in costs. In addition, the benefit from own premises will further multiply because rents will continue to rise in the following years as a result of rising costs. "An ordinary company cannot force the lessor of Ačko's office premises to cap the indexation amount. As a result, her rent will increase by the rate of inflation, the annual average of which reaches almost 11%. However, the repayment of the loan for own premises remains the same regardless of inflation. The company has a fixed interest rate and knows exactly what costs to expect," explains Michaela Ochmanová from YIT Slovakia.

If you are interested in company premises in ZWIRN OFFICE, contact us at [email protected] or call 0902 678 996.

You can find more information on the website of the ZWIRN OFFICE project.

ZWIRN OFFICE in a cube

On the corner of Košická and Svätopluková streets in Bratislava
12 floors/9,609 m2 of office space
Offices from 28 m2 for sale to own
Flexible layout of spaces according to individual requirements
Shared terrace on the 7th floor
Bicycle stand and parking for cars
Barrier-free access
Start of construction: Q2 2022
Planned approval: 2nd quarter 2025