"We are currently finishing the removal of the original buildings and at the same time the recycling of demolition waste is underway. Reloading of engineering networks and cleaning of the area are also underway on the property," stated Blažečka.

The company currently has the statement of the capital city regarding the investment intention, and is currently preparing documentation for the territorial proceedings. The environmental impact assessment process has not yet been completed. He does not dare to estimate the date of the start of the construction of the new project. It will largely depend on the length of permitting processes and obtaining all valid permits. "We have a clear interest in the project being built as soon as possible," noted Blažečka.

The software company acquired a plot of land in the area of a former military hospital near the Železná studienka recreation site in 2017. The campus is also to be connected to technically oriented universities. The project also includes public spaces.