Pavol Kožík, general director and owner of the investment group Proxenta, which is the developer of the project, confirmed this during the ceremonial launch of the project in the company of city representatives.

The territory on which the new Rezidencie Slovenka quarter will grow has a rich history behind it. In the 19th century, there was a chair factory in this area, later a factory for the production of cloth was established here. In the fifties of the last century, the textile factory Slovenka, which was originally located near Martina, was moved here literally overnight.

Since 1954, Slovenka was the second most important textile plant in the former Czechoslovakia. After the fall of the communist regime, the plant gradually declined. In 2011, the new owner moved the production and the plant was finally closed.

Due to its location, the future quarter has the potential to become a new cultural and social center of Banská Bystrica. On one side, the area is adjacent to the historic city center, where all important city and civic institutions are within walking distance. On the other side, the land is closed by the river Bystrica, which, thanks to the renovated embankment, will once again become part of the life of the city.

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the construction of the Rezidencie Slovenka project was ceremonially launched by the owner and general director of the Proxenta investment group Pavol Kožík, Martin Škodáček, the development director of the Proxenta group and the mayor of Banská Bystrica, Ján Nosko.

According to Pavel Kožík, the people of Banskobystrica can look forward to an architecturally very attractive project on a scale not exceeding six above-ground floors, which will surround a public park with a lot of valuable greenery and various zones for active leisure.

"An important element will be measures for capturing water, such as green roofs or the use of water-permeable materials. The project also provides for the placement of parking exclusively in underground garages, which will increase not only the attractiveness of the project, but above all its safety," revealed Kožík.

During his speech, Kožík also praised the good cooperation with the city and its representatives so far. "We are aware that the Slovenky campus is very important for the city and that a project of this scale must be created in accordance with the requirements of the city and its residents. I also believe in further successful cooperation, so that we can successfully implement the plan we presented today," said Kožík.

According to Mayor Ján Nosk, Rezidencie Slovenka is a project that the people of Banskobystrica expect. "We all wish that this area, which is very important for the city, will come to life. I believe that after mutual negotiations, we will reach an agreement so that we can proceed with changes in the territorial plan, if they are necessary. We will do everything in order not to delay this process, but, on the contrary, to find a good solution that will benefit all the people of Banskobystrica," said the mayor just after the ceremonial start of construction.