The majority of users of the app are a variety of coworkers, tenants, and community-minded individuals who appreciate social gatherings and online services. In this kind of environment, people thrive! People love communities. That’s what makes both users and brand or property managers successful. Having an ecosystem where people feel like they are getting personalized attention, building a community or a network, and creating loyalty fosters your brand’s identity.

Taking advantage of an app like Spaceflow not only increases your visibility but also creates loyalty between you and your followers. It’s a modern and professional approach of interacting with tenants, freelancers and business innovators.

What we provide you is not only a vibrant community, but an organic way of communicating your brand vision to a network of like minded individuals.

Likewise, your building is an important structure to build communities who want to know about what you do and who you are. Creating an event in your space brings people together and forms relationships. Our app not only facilitates but encourages you to draw attention to yourself!

Use features on the app to create experiences and social events! Always let your tenants know what you’re up to! Here’s five tips on how you can boost your brand through the app:


Push helpful content for people to see

On the app you can push content forward for more people to see and be informed. That could be anything from exciting news about your company you want others to be informed about, to an event you want to share or advise for the community. Property managers can easily inform tenants of innovations or repairs occuring in the building through instant communication. The more people see your brand content, the more likely they are to share your content.


Boost loyalty with the members

By engaging with your network, you are subsequently creating a consistent and positive image of your brand. Interaction with your network gives a human element to your brand and encourages them to stay loyal to you. Your brand consistency with them will inspire them to also take the initiative to lead consistent communication in their work as well. Retain tenants and foster good relationships by hosting a happy hour, or booking a room for a social gathering event!

Spaceflow, newsfeed, create polls for relevant feedback


Create polls for relevant feedback

By experimenting with polls you gain valuable feedback from your community which can help shape your future path. Polls can be anything from what even to have next, to what people think of a certain new feature or product you're creating! People will be honest, and you will build a better brand because of it!


Share blogs to a large community

Share interesting updates, testimonials and new features of your brand or building on the app. Blogs are a great way for others to learn about you and what you do! Utilize this tool on the app by posting blogs and sharing them on the platform.


You can engage with the network

Find out what sort of things your network needs and try to provide it - if it’s social gatherings, create an event! Events are a great way to bring people together and to create a positive atmosphere in the building. Message members and personalize your brand. Host a happy hour.

The process of creating a tenant experience is unique in every space. If you don't know where to start with content, our Community Engagement Support team is here to help.


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