The information comes at the time when the last work on the exterior of house C, a point apartment building, which is being created in contact with Škultéty Street, is in progress. With twelve floors, it is the height dominant of the whole project. The facades of the building have already been completed and landscaping or public spaces are being implemented. The investor has already submitted a proposal for the approval decision, so there are really weeks until the building is completed. Clients could thus get to their apartments during the summer.

In addition to completing the last house, Lucron also embarked on the implementation of a park, which is being built southeast of the project towards the area of ​​the Filiálka railway station. Based on an agreement with the Bratislava - Nové Mesto district, the developer is implementing a green area here, to which he has committed himself at the time the project was approved. Lucron points out that the great emphasis on public space and the permeability of the whole area in connection with services and facilities was already part of the overall project concept from the Compass office.

“Making Urban Residence a pleasant environment with good neighborly relations has been our priority from the beginning. I am glad that we are also going to fulfill the last promise, which is a new park, designed for relaxation and enjoyment for residents and people from all ages, ”says Zoltán Müller, CEO of Lucron. "We approached the design in the spirit of the smart city concept, so our park is environmentally friendly and at the same time inclusive for all its inhabitants. With the help of the park's equipment, we want to create a friendly environment in which families with children, dogs, or the disabled, simply people of all ages and backgrounds will get together. "

Special emphasis was placed on handicapped visitors. However, the park will also contain traditional equipment, such as a carousel, a sandpit, a house, a trampoline and ping pong tables. There will also be benches with tables, a drinking fountain and drinking fountains for dogs. There will also be a fenced selection for dogs. Great emphasis was placed on greenery, large trees have already been planted here, which should respond well to the urban environment: three-thorned guinea fowl, bird cherry, hornbeam and ornamental shrub. The author of the park is the Brno landscape studio Divo, but the town hall in the Bratislava - Nové Mesto district also cooperated on it.

"This new park is also interesting in that, in a place where there was literally concrete, there will suddenly be trees, benches, a playground or a fenced paddock for dogs," says the mayor of Nové Město, Rudolf Kusý. "Many people have talked a lot about the park at Filiálka in the past, I'm glad that now we have reached a concrete result. A park is being created here that will serve people. ”The mayor thus points to the fact that Urban Residence was created by improving the brownfield. The original Ferona factory complex disappeared a long time ago and there has been an empty, cleaned plot of land here for a long time.

Development contains a total of 437 flats and apartments in its four blocks, of which 80 are in house C. The last three flats remain vacant, so the project is a success for the developer. It also includes an active ground floor in practically the entire block in contact with Račianská Street and in House C, the facilities are also located in House B towards Filiálka. The total area of ​​commercial space is more than 3,000 square meters and with the exception of one space, everything is rented or reserved.

The construction of Urban Residence began in 2016 and even then I called it one of the most interesting developments in Bratislava. Over time, this claim is confirmed. It is a suitable way to use the plots in the inner city and enhance them, while benefiting the residents, the inhabitants of the area, the city and, last but not least, the investor himself.

The project should finally be completed after years of waiting for permits. The problem was the transformation of the plan from a parking house to a multifunctional function with housing, offices and services. These are clearly more suitable functions, however, the developer has long convinced the city district and the local public. The extension of the park, which is already created in the Urban Residence, the cycle paths from Račianská and the assumed high architectural level of the building, which is indicated by the previous schemes, should also be positive. The author is Sadovsky & Architects.

The transformation of the land northeast of Urban Residence, where the Mikona tire service is located today, would be positive. Again, this is not a suitable function for this part of Račianská Street, which is becoming an attractive city street. Part of the land, adjacent to the service, owns the Capital and is entrusted to the city district. However, local MPs have in the past rejected any changes other than renting - this would reportedly contribute to further development in the style of Urban Residence. The rest is owned by Mikona herself. If the territory were consolidated and construction continued under the auspices of Lucron, it would be excellent for the site.

Source: // YIMBA