The Buildings for the Future (BPB) platform said on Monday that it did not agree with the Ministry of Transport and Construction's proposal to soften building standards by about 40 percent. Since the beginning of this year, new buildings and, if possible, major renovations of buildings have to meet the requirements for buildings with almost zero energy demand, ie energy class A0.

The changes are unjustified and degressive

BPB director Katariína Nikodemová said that all indications were that the changes proposed by the Ministry of Transport and Construction were unjustified and degressive.

"The construction market, designers and architects have prepared for the A0 building, the projects are being implemented and there is a demand for them. Refining the requirements would be an unnecessary step backwards, which would slow down development in construction, "she warned.

"People and the state will pay for it in the form of higher costs for the operation of these buildings in the future. Our public policies should be motivating and in line with the strategic direction of the European Union and the country towards carbon neutrality and not the other way around, "added Nikodemová.

Investment manageable

According to BPB, hundreds of A0 projects are already being implemented in Slovakia, proving that the technologies are affordable, feasible and economically viable.

The platform noted that examples of this can be found in all categories of buildings, including family homes, which are built to a passive standard.

According to BPB, the designers of these buildings and energy efficiency experts have confirmed that buildings with almost zero energy demand are manageable, their operating costs are radically lower and user comfort at the level of the 21st century.