Construction began in 2021, and 2 years ago developer Alto Real Estate took over the project from Penta Real Estate. Currently, the building is legally approved. In terms of energy, the building belongs to the highest category A0.

The developer plans to hand over the first 200 apartments from a total of 264 apartments and suites to their owners by the end of September. Work continues on the residential tower Sky Park Tower (almost 400 apartments), which was originally supposed to be an office building, and on the Florian Residence project (763 apartments in the 1st phase) in the neighborhood of the high-rise building of the National Bank of Slovakia. It will have a total of three stages.


Výškové budovy v časti downtownu v Bratislave.

High-rise buildings in the downtown area of ​​Bratislava |Source: MIRO DOUBT

They are testing commercial rental housing

The Sky Park 4 project is associated with a major innovation for the business developer, Alto Real Estate allocated 20 apartments for long-term commercial rental housing. "There are companies that have contacted us that they want to rent apartments for their top management. We decided to test it out. We will test this segment and decide whether we will increase the offer of such apartments or not," said sales director Ján Bryndza for ASB, adding that the apartments will be serviced by one landlord at the corporate level.

It will be housing, for example, for managers of companies from abroad. There is no such commercial rental housing in the first three towers of Sky Park. "If we had known this in 2016, when we started selling, we would have definitely introduced it. It would be a highly profitable business," added business director Bryndza. Living in tower no. 4 is 2- to 4-room, there are 2 penthouses with an area of ​​250 to 260 m2, one is already sold. The next one will be on sale during 2024. Apartments on higher floors - Top Floor - will be on sale in the coming months, the plan is to sell 5 apartments per month.

Interest in charging stations for electric cars is great

In the fourth tower, the developer used experience from the construction and operation of three towers, for example, waste collection. "We have invested more than 1.5 million euros in improvements beyond the original plans. The improvements touched a higher material standard, not only in the apartments and common areas, but also in the parking spaces with electric chargers," stressed the executive director of Alto Real Estate, Rastislav Valovič. Interest in charging stations for electric cars is so high that the developer is preparing 4 additional so-called charging stations for Sky Park users. shared places on Bottová street. Parking for residents is underground.

obchodný riaditeľ Ján Bryndza

commercial director Ján Bryndza |Source: MIRO DOUBT

The commercial director of Bryndza considers central mechanical recovery to be an advantage, because the tower resident does not always want to open a window, central cooling and heating with central air conditioning and under-sill convectors. Housing costs are set in the four Sky Park towers comparably, including park maintenance. The terrace at the top of the Sky Park 4 building with a panoramic view of Bratislava is intended only for residents of the building.
They want to work on the Sky Park Tower base plate in the fall

In the case of Sky Park Tower, piles have been drilled into the foundation and the developer is finishing drilling dry geothermal wells to cool and heat the building. "At the turn of August and September, we would like to continue with the base plate and we expect the construction to be completed within three years," reported Bryndza's sales director, adding that pre-sales will begin in September. Standard sales to the general public will follow in January 2025.

The third phase of the Florian Residence will require a change in the land use plan

The Florian Residence project is moving in the first phase to the first above-ground floor, and 10 of the 73 apartments are currently sold/reserved. There will be 239 apartments in the second phase, and the developer is waiting for a building permit. For the third phase, it will be necessary to change the spatial plan - to increase the capacity in favor of housing. Alto Real Estate prepared the relevant study and submitted it to the Bratislava municipality.