The office market is healthy
The most expensive in the region is Belgrade, followed by Prague. This follows from the EMEA Fit Out Cost Guide 2022 survey, which was reported by Zuzana Gurová from the real estate consulting company Cushman & Wakefield in a press release.

In Bratislava, according to the survey, fit-out costs are on average 939 euros per square meter. This is half less than the normal price in German cities or the United Kingdom, where the median cost exceeds 2,000 euros.

Office occupancy remained at 88.17 percent even in the first quarter of this year, which, according to Gurova, means that the Bratislava office market is healthy.

Increasing the price of building materials
The situation on the market is characterized mainly by the increase in the prices of materials. "The prices of basic building materials move daily, and therefore neither traders nor manufacturers can say what the price will be tomorrow, let alone a week or a month from now. Energy and fuel prices are at record levels, and it is already clear that this will be reflected in the prices of building materials," says Veronika Špániková, head of the project management and construction services team at Cushman & Wakefield in Slovakia.

In the future, the amount of costs will be influenced by technology, the need for cooperation and sustainability.