According to them, in the last quarter of last year, 280 apartments and suites were sold in new buildings, which represents a 58 percent increase compared to the average of the previous three quarters of last year.

They used their own software

The startup analyzes real estate sales through its own software that tracks sales data through developers' websites.

"These are units withdrawn from public price lists or marked as sold, across 90 different projects in Bratislava," the company states.

Based on these data, last year the most requested housing was in the third stage of Čerešní, followed by the Nuppu project and Ovocné sady.

Four developers dominated

"They also sold Slnečnice significantly, where they publicly sold 56 units together across the Nad mestom, POP and Uniq parts of the project," he adds.

BuiltMind registers through its system a total of 810 sold apartments in new buildings for the entire year 2023. "The first and second stages of the Čerešne project, with a total of 96 sold apartments, achieved an 11.9 percent share of the residential market of new buildings in the capital last year," the startup states.

As for the comparison of sales of residential projects in the fourth quarter, the residential real estate market was dominated by the four developers ITB Development, YIT Slovakia, Lucron and Cresco. "Together, they sold 112 units to the public, capturing a 39 percent market share," he adds.