"The new Lakeside Park 02 project appealed to us mainly due to the efficiency of the premises, with regard to the efficiency of operating costs. In addition to taking our spatial requirements into account, the landlord also offered us above-standard solutions in connection with corona crisis measures. A unique opportunity for us was that we were able to plan a new layout based on the experience of this year with regard to our future use of the office," said Ondřej Kellner, Service & Facility Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj Slovakia, which has Pilsner Urquell beer in its portfolio, Šariš, Smädný mních, Topvar but also Gambrinus, or non-alcoholic beer Birell.

Lakeside Park 02 also responds to the increased demands of tenants with regard to the protection of employees' health, such as air conditioning providing automatic disinfection and supply of 100% fresh air, contactless elevator control, more sophisticated division of spaces and openable windows in each office. An important factor for future tenants is also the certificate of sustainability of buildings at the LEED GOLD level.

"We are looking forward to gaining such a significant tenant in our project. We consider this to be very good news for business and a signal that the demand for new administrative premises still persists. Despite the fact that today many companies mostly use work from home, they are aware that this period of crisis will pass. The new premises can provide them with greater comfort, the necessary social interaction, as well as operational and economic benefits that have a major impact on labor productivity," said Martin Marko, Immocap's Sales Director.

The owners of the Lakeside Park 02 project are WOOD & Company and Immocap, which jointly participate in the development of the building, space leasing and site development. Construction of the building began in February and completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

"The work is proceeding according to the agreed schedule, and after the end of the foundation slab, we continue with the construction of the core and underground parking spaces. Already during the construction process, we managed to respond promptly to the increased demands of tenants associated with health protection measures in the current pandemic situation. This is also evidenced by the great interest in renting future premises, which we are very much looking forward to," added Martin Šmigura, Investment Director of WOOD & Company.

The new project envisages an area of ​​14,370 m2 of office space on 12 floors, while the area of ​​a typical floor will reach more than 1,200 m2. Together with the Lakeside Park 01 building, the complex will offer a total leasable area of ​​40,000 m2 of office and retail space.

In addition to convenient access by car, tram and other public transport, the great advantage of the location is the possibility of train transport due to the proximity of the railway station Bratislava-Nové Mesto. Lakeside Park 02 also envisages the construction of new parking spaces on 4 underground floors and additional outdoor parking facilities.

Source: Systémy Logistiky