The company invests in assets in Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. The holding company writes on its official website that the property liabilities from the founders amount to EUR 200 million.

The developer informed that he is gradually moving most of his activities abroad. The reason is not only the search for new business opportunities, but also the mentioned brownfields.

The trend is not land use

He is currently building the largest residential complex, the Quartet, in Ljubljana. In his second local project, Vilharia received LEED Platinum pre-certification. Vilharie's construction is scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 2022, about two years after the land was acquired in the wider city center. Once completed, the Quartet project, like the Bratislava Einpark Offices, will rank among one percent of the most sustainable buildings in the world and will become the greenest office building in Slovenia. It will also be the greenest office building in this country.

"This is a trend in the development of modern cities. Not expanding widely and occupying more agricultural land, but, conversely, growing within their existing boundaries. In Ljubljana, they have made the revitalization of brownfields a priority, they have a clear strategy and an urban vision. It emphasizes sustainability, support for green projects and alternative forms of transport, which are positive development trends that our company has been following for a long time, "explains Michal Maco, Country Manager of Corwin.