SALTO Keys as a Service is the key to flexible and trustworthy cloud-based access control for businesses including co-working spaces, co-living buildings, purpose-built student accommodation, retail, and many more. SALTO KS enables building owners and operators to manage access to their locations, granting access to customers, members, suppliers, or staff on-the-go, requiring neither software installation nor the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. With multiple ways of opening, including the Mobile Key, and real-time event overview, SALTO KS brings flexibility as well as security.


On the occasion of launching SALTO KS integration, we asked Arna Halldórsdóttir, the Marketing representative of SALTO KS about current challenges.


How does your product change in the current situation?


The events of the past few months have been challenging and influential for all, and SALTO KS is no exception. Even though our product may not have changed, the interest in specific features certainly has. This is because many of SALTO KS’ features can be used effectively when it comes to reducing the spread of the COVID-19.


SALTO KS allows for the monitoring of events, or door openings, which is very useful when it comes to minimizing the risk of spreading the virus. The benefit that brings is two-fold. First, event monitoring permits administrators to monitor the number of people per square meter in a space, controlling the flow of people and restricting access when the safety limit is reached. Second, knowing exactly who has been in a certain space allows administrators to, in the case of an infection, contact people who have been in the same room as an infected person.




For shared living spaces, SALTO KS can automate the check-in and checkout processes and restrict unnecessary human interactions. This can be done by selecting a specific time frame for a user, or simply blocking their access after they’ve completed their stay. Selecting specific time frames for staff members also offers supervisors the possibility of creating staggered work schedules, contributing to the safety of the employees.


COVID-19 has increased awareness of the importance of hygiene in public places, especially when it comes to surface areas. For almost a decade now, the SALTO smart locks have been equipped with the BioCote antimicrobial technology, which reduces a broad spectrum of microbes by up to 99.9%. Combining this technology with standard hygienic practices significantly reduces the risk of contamination.


Source// Spaceflow