Our visitor management system allows you and your occupiers to take control of your guest management processes. Occupiers are now able to pre-register guests through the Spaceflow app, enable them to check-in securely in the reception area by scanning a QR code on a device, get alert notifications once guests arrive. Building operators can analyze visitor logs from the admin console.


What are the main benefits for each group?


Occupiers can:

Streamline guests arrival at the building

Receive notifications and add event to Gmail/Outlook or any other calendar (.ics file)

Visitors can:

Receive email invitation (with information, QR code, calendar event) and enjoy having everything for the meeting ready at one place

Check in safely at the reception with an only very limited encounter with a concierge/receptionist


Landlords and property management can

Track visitors in the space via Spaceflow admin console

See all relevant data in real-time (guests invited, checking-in, on-site and those who left the site)



To successfully launch the visitor management system at your property, you will need:

Computer/laptop for concierge/receptionist with access to the web browser

Stable internet connection in the reception area (WiFi)

Apple iPad

Docker and cable lock for iPad

To introduce the visitor management system at your property, simply get in touch by sending us a message at [email protected].


This extension is available in Advanced and Premium plans.

Source:// Spaceflow