Rainbow Center is an area of ​​50,900 m2 with an excellent strategic location. The park offers the highest standard of industrial-office space with the possibility of expanding the leasable area up to 18,000 m2. "The administrative premises will occupy 2,000 m2, which will also house the background of our international logistics company, plus 1,000 m2 of space for showrooms," explains Michal Lešták, CEO of Rainbow Logistics.

For small companies and large corporations

The uniqueness of this center lies mainly in the location at the road junction, where the expressway 69 provides quick access to Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest, which creates an ideal space for warehouses, light industry, but also distribution. The advantage is also the clear height. "From the upper floor level to the lower level of the supporting structure in the storage area is 12 meters and we also consider the maximum permitted floor load of 70 KN / m2 as an advantage, but due to demand we plan up to 100 KN / m2," Lešták specifies. According to him, another great advantage is the sufficient capacity of parking spaces, which are currently lacking in many leased spaces.

It doesn't matter if you are a smaller company or a large company with demanding requirements. The investor rents hall spaces from 1,000 m² to 18,000 m², which is enough space to implement your business plan. The halls are designed for harmless production and non-production services, but also for light industry or distribution of goods. Importantly, the site will provide trucks with seamless access and maneuvering. These spaces can be divided according to the client's requirements by non-load-bearing partitions into the required units.

Even if you are looking for an open space office, the investor has a clear answer for you. Ace office spaces are designed as large offices with sufficient lighting, with the possibility of adding transparent or full partitions. Conference rooms, sanitary areas, kitchens and cleaning chambers are designed on each floor. It will therefore be a pleasant space with a relaxation room and greenery in front of the building.

Around the area on a scooter or bicycle

At present, every modern building takes into account the environmental side and the so-called green solutions. It is no different in the case of this area of ​​the future. According to official information, the technology for collecting rainwater and its subsequent use or the green facade along the entire side will be a matter of course. In the interiors, the investor plans, for example, the selection of a suitable electrical installation, such as intelligent LED lighting and the like, which will reduce consumption and costs not only for the company, but also for the end user. "Since it is a larger area, we will use scooters and bicycles to move around. We believe that during the project we will come up with a lot of great ecological solutions, "confirmed the manager of Rainbow Logistics.

According to Michal Lešták, the company is ready to adapt everything to the current needs of the market. "During this period, internet sales increased a lot, so we decided on e-shop outlets. It is of the utmost importance for us that the high quality of the building also affects energy and environmental sustainability, so we pay attention to the environmental side, thanks to low energy consumption and proper resource management, the building will retain value for longer and future renovations will be smaller, "he explained.

Good news for the region

New investments and real estate construction are usually associated with an increase in vacancies, which are certainly positive news for the Banská Bystrica region, as it is one of the regions with the highest unemployment. However, thanks to the new logistics center, the investor will create more than 500 new jobs and thus contribute to improving the overall situation in the region. Another positive news is the fact that Rainbow Logistics plans to expand the premises in the future and thus provide clients with the opportunity to expand the premises according to their own needs.

But what was behind the creation of a new logistics center? "Since we are a logistics company and provide transport mainly within Europe, but also in Slovakia, we have been operating in this sector for several years, it is just another step forward for us. Many foreign investors are looking for such modern premises and by the fact that our work is connected with foreign clients, we see it as a benefit for the development of our company, but also of this region. According to him, this is a good investment, because he feels that other companies are also growing and they need to move forward in business. This is often related to new, more modern premises, whether office, hall or production. "Despite the fact that the economy has stalled in many sectors during the pandemic, there are still spheres that have benefited during this period and need to expand. We are currently seeing a higher number of inquiries from potential tenants, perhaps precisely because this project is unique in central Slovakia, "he adds.

They are not yet considering building a similar center in another location. "We are Bystričany and the surroundings of Banská Bystrica do not offer many large-capacity offices or larger halls for production and light industry. Therefore, it is the most lucrative location for us thanks to the already mentioned transport hub. As we are a local company, it is in our interest to support and develop the labor market here in Banská Bystrica, "concluded the manager of Rainbow Logistics.

The investor is not afraid of the current instability brought to all sectors of the world by the coronavirus pandemic. According to him, it is true that in several sectors traffic was reduced due to the decline or cessation of production, but overall these sectors did not stop completely, quite the opposite. Logistics continues to gain momentum also thanks to new projects similar to the one created in the heart of Slovakia.