With its character, KLINGERKA will create a natural transition between the emerging modern city center - Bratislava's "downtown" - and the quiet neighborhood of the historical Klinger colony. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to safely invest in bonds issued by the JTRE group and thus become part of the creation of this green real estate project.

Bond program with zero-coupon bonds

- the bonds are issued by the JTRE group with more than 25 years of experience, which is preparing the Klingerka II project.

- the program offers an attractive return and risk ratio

- Klingerka II. follows on from the successful, fully booked and sold-out first stage

- will bring generous public spaces intended for greenery and leisure activities, tree-lined avenues and green inner blocks, a comprehensive transport solution will create a peaceful neighborhood friendly to pedestrians and cyclists, low-energy buildings will be created

The continuation of the KLINGERKA project will complement the developing new center of Bratislava in a suitable way in accordance with the principles of consideration for the environment and a favorable social and economic impact. A multifunctional urban district will be created on unused land in the former industrial zone bounded by Prístavná, Košická and Mlynské niva. The first stage will be completed by more than 600 flats and apartments, spaces for shops, restaurants and other additional services on the ground floor on the busy Košická street and in the pavilions on the quiet Plátennícká in the form of high street retail. Housing and services will be completed by an administrative tower with a leasable area of 31,000 square meters. Sufficient parking capacity will be ensured by more than 1,700 parking spaces in underground garages, thanks to which the calm and barrier-free character of the streets will be preserved, supporting pedestrian and bicycle movement.

Emphasis on greenery and public space

Already in the first stage of the project, a public park with a children's playground, benches and a pond for collecting rainwater was created on an area the size of half a football field. As a continuation of the project, it will be connected with green inner blocks facing Plátennícká street and passages up to the new tree line on Košická. The courtyard concept builds on the character of peaceful living in the original Klinger Colony.

The concept emphasizes high-quality public space from the point of view of the resident as well as from the point of view of the creation of the city. The inner blocks will create a public space primarily intended for greenery and leisure activities. Residents and visitors will be offered a pleasant and safe community environment separated from the traffic of Košická Street, with plenty of activities for children.

The continuation of the project includes the comprehensive revitalization of the avenue of trees on Plátennícká street, but also the planting of a new avenue along the entire project on Košická. The buildings are set back from Košická Street in such a way as to create space for the street row of trees. The corridor will thus have its own natural shading from the busy road.

Slowing down traffic will give space to pedestrians and cyclists

Part of the proposal is a comprehensive solution to the traffic situation in the locality. As part of the complete reconstruction of Plátennícká street, a new footpath and longitudinal public parking spaces will be created, which will fall under the municipal parking system. Cyclists will get a convenient and safe connection to Košická and Prístavná streets by a two-way bike path separated from the road by a green area. A new cycle crossing with light signaling will also be added on Prístavná.

The traffic connection is designed taking into account the community of residents of the Klinger Colony so that the streets with the original development of family houses are not burdened with traffic. The underground garages will be accessible exclusively through the newly built entrances directly from Košická and Mlynské nív.

The project creates space for the construction of a tram line connecting Petržalka and Ružinov by giving way to construction on Košická street. The ecological supporting transport system will complement the existing bus and trolleybus stops at Košická, Landererová, Prístavná and Mlynské niva.

Sustainable development

Both buildings from the first stage already meet the highest energy efficiency and sustainability criteria – the residential tower has an A0 energy certificate and the administrative building has a BREEAM EXCELLENT certificate. They are connected by a parking garage with a green roof, which contributes to the creation of a suitable microclimate and water retention in the area.

The continuation of KLINGERKA will be a descending linear development along Košická Street with a dominant height at the corner of Prístavná Street. The public green inner blocks with pavilions will sensitively connect to the Klinger Colony. The operation of all buildings will be aimed at optimizing energy and water consumption and ensuring a healthy indoor environment thanks to the use of innovative technologies, measurement and data evaluation. Strict requirements concern, for example, indoor air quality, the level and quality of artificial and natural lighting, thermal and acoustic comfort. The waste management of the facilities was designed for consistent waste separation and minimization of unsorted waste. Building management will be implemented with an emphasis on sustainability. The same goes for construction, where at least five of the important construction materials will be ecological