The project should include multi-functional buildings, apartment buildings, civic amenities or an underground parking garage. The territory of the future construction is located on long-term leased municipal land. It is situated north of Romanova street, it is bounded from the west by the Croatian arm and from the east by the planned extension of the tram line. ASB asked the developer for an opinion on the new situation.

Construction costs are tentatively in the amount of 44 million euros

The developer Petržalka City submitted the construction plan with two variants to the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process in 2021.

At that time, he stated that the estimated construction costs should reach 44 million euros. The construction start date was tentatively the last quarter of 2022, and the work completion date was the second quarter of 2025. The plan also included the construction of paved areas, parking lots, landscaping and connections to utility networks.

The developer intended to have a maximum of 15 above-ground floors and four underground floors. The total above-ground gross floor area is planned to be 27,091 m2, of which 18,722 m2 is housing and 8,369 m2 of civic amenities, the underground floor area was supposed to be 28,070 m2.

There are also sanctions in the contract

Mayor Matúš Vallo announced on Wednesday (June 29) on the social network about the signed contract with the developer, who will build in the center of Petržalka, Bratislava's largest district.

"The city has managed to state that the developer will build at least 32% less floor space in the project compared to what is allowed by the spatial plan today and what the developer is de facto entitled to," he wrote, adding that the green area will increase by 37 % in the project area compared to the spatial plan.

According to him, the reduced floor area index in the project will also be in accordance with the final version of the Petržalská axis urban study, on the basis of which the spatial plan will be changed. In the new project, civic amenities will be added simultaneously with housing construction.

However, work on the construction of the tram line Bosákova - Janíkov dvor has been suspended due to the increase in the price of energy and construction materials. The municipality has not yet informed the public about their renewal.

The territory for the Petržalka City project in Bratislava. | Source: FB Petržalka City

Another important piece of information is that the agreement also includes sanctions of up to 1 million euros for possible violations of contractual obligations and commitments. The current form of the project is not only in accordance with the spatial plan, but also has a built-up area significantly lower than what the spatial plan allows, and the city recently issued a binding opinion of approval for the first stage of this project, argued the mayor.

There should be greenery in the vicinity of the track

He added that, as part of the urban study, they proposed to reclassify additional areas of approximately 22,650 m2 in the spatial plan as green areas. These are plots along the eastern edge of the new tram line. They are not part of the Petržalka City project, but are an immediate part of the area between the existing development and the new project.