The construction of a modern building with 12 floors and offices is being carried out on Partizánská cesta in Banská Bystrica and is from the workshop of Paulína Hovorka Architekti. Work on the site of the former Coimex building began in 2019. The new building was to be open in the autumn of this year and provide work for 500 to 700 employees.

Lack of building materials

The construction mainly lacked aluminum, steel, various types of metals and wood. Oil and related transport also became more expensive. "There were also situations where suppliers were not able to deliver the material already ordered, which was mainly caused by rising prices for construction materials. In some cases, it became more expensive by hundreds of percent, "M. Filip told TREND, adding that they had changed the construction work schedule.

According to him, tenants will be able to choose the completion of the interior and its layout according to their own ideas. There have also been changes in these requirements, as the pandemic has brought with it different standards than administrative premises should look like in terms of safety and health. Interpolis is adapting the project accordingly.