Slovakia is still a safe investment destination, according to the analysis of real estate consulting firm CBRE. The report also shows that the volume of investments in real estate in Slovakia broke the record last year.

Slovakia as an attractive destination

Last year, 1.13 billion euros were invested in real estate in Slovakia, which is almost 50 percent more than in 2021. This is the largest increase among the V4 countries.

The analysis also points out that the investments of people who invested in Slovakia for the first time rose to almost 200 million euros.

The report also shows that up to 61 percent of the total volume was made up of investments from domestic investors.

During the past year, up to three fifths were reinvested in the Bratislava region. The Košice region followed with 17 percent of the total volume.

At the same time, CBRE concluded in its analysis that Slovakia is still an attractive destination for investors.

Office space did well

Despite the negative effects of the energy crisis, last year office space did the most. More than half (55 percent) of the total investment volume was directed there.

In terms of the volume of investments, the retail sector came in second place. Investments in the retail sector reached almost 350 million euros, which represents 31 percent of the total volume.

The logistics and industry sector, in turn, grabbed 13 percent of the total investment volume.