The inspiration from sports is obvious considering the investor, Livesport, s.r.o. However, the iconic transfer of the sports theme to the floor where the company's managers sit is original. The authors from the Reaktor studio say about their approach to design that they split the standard assignment, melt the old ruts to get to the core of each project. In this case, the effort to go in this direction is clear.

If you face mental work in the office every day, regular physical activity will help your psyche and the performance of your brain. When designing the interior of the "office" in Prague, the authors understood this connection by transferring elements from the gym and the playground to offices equipped with digital technologies to serve effectively when the brain, not the body, performs.

Nové kancelárie spoločnosti Livesport 31

Livesport's new offices | Studio Flusser

The character and philosophy of the space were determined by a trio of elements

"The new offices of the Livesport company follow on from the previous floors, combining sports and modern technology. The designed space continues to develop sports ideas, but the inspiration was not the match itself, but the hard work in training and improvement in preparation. The design was inspired by a generic gym, which can be adapted for training various office activities with the help of exercise aids.

The gym is defined on the floor by a constant area of carpet squares and on the ceiling by a regular grid of spotlights and a ceiling-free solution.
This space is further complemented by three main elements of the design - lines in the floor, sports equipment and an electronic pencil," the architects further specify their sources of inspiration.

The lines functionally divide the layout and the field

In sports matches, the line defines the field's guardrails, dividing it into zones. Architects from the reactor created office interior lines that divide the space into individual functional zones.

You go over the line, as sports commentators like to say, and you are out of the meeting room in the office, where you can concentrate in silence. Team workplaces and places for relaxation are also set aside. The line is also a basic element of the orientation system. It also highlights entrances to warehouses or storage areas.

Nové kancelárie spoločnosti Livesport 26

Livesport's new offices | Studio Flusser

Sports aids increase the performance of the mind

Cones, crates or hockey sticks, which help athletes to prepare as best as possible for performance in a match, here have the design form of boxes made of wood, veneer and perforated lacquered steel. They separate spaces, create them and hide acoustically insulated meeting rooms, office cabinets, telephone booths... They thus help to improve work performance and not get lost in the cycle of duties.

"Training office aids help improve the technique and performance of all employees," the architects confirm their intention.

The electronic pencil symbolizes the space for tactics

The company's tactics are created on this floor. The architects transformed this idea into wavy linear lighting, which is supposed to resemble a digital pencil. With it, professionals analyze the tactics of matches and indicate the movement of players so that all "home couch coaches" can compare whether they read the game in the same way.

"The line of lights navigates the space, guides the visitor, highlights essential elements. Important meeting places are marked with a cross, important points in the office are circled with light," add the authors, who, in their own words, always try to "find ways to improve the environment in which we live."