Investor Vydrica Development started selling office space for small and medium-sized companies. The Vydrica Offices building near the Danube embankment has five above-ground floors, of which the offices are on four above-ground floors. The size of the administrative premises is from 250 to 550 m2.

The building also has retail spaces with an area of ​​130 and 180 m2 on the ground floor of the building, while it is also possible to purchase garage spaces and storage spaces. Furthermore, there is a space for storing bicycles and a cloakroom for employees with hygienic facilities.

There are 28 parking spaces for sale directly in the office building on one floor, but parking spaces will also be available for rent in another building. Visit management will be managed by an electronic reception with an integrated system.

The administration is part of the project, the result of which will be a modern development in a lucrative part of the Danube embankment. Of older date is the office, residential and retail development in the neighboring location Zuckermandel, which was realized by the developer JTRE (2017). Both Vydrica and Zuckermandel are continuations of the Old Town development, which, however, was divided by the SNP Bridge.

The investor is currently focusing on completing the 1st stage of the project, which will include 207 apartments. It finishes apartments, exteriors of residential buildings and public spaces, but also builds the aforementioned administrative building.

"We are gradually occupying retail operations and administrative spaces with brands such as Yeme food products or the Slovak company XIMEA, which produces high-end cameras. Over the next few weeks, we will gradually introduce other names that will make Vydrica an extremely attractive place to live and work," said Pavel Baslík, representative of Vydrica Development.

More than two-thirds of the apartments from the first stage are sold out. A novelty for buyers was that they had the option to purchase parking spaces for larger apartments or with the service of furnishing turnkey apartments.

According to Baslík, this year will be crucial for Vydrica, because the investor plans to start the approval of apartment buildings in the summer, and he believes that by the end of the year, Bratislava residents and visitors will have the opportunity to walk through the new streets of Vydrica, visit the first retail and gastro businesses, and the first clients will receive the keys. from apartments.