Checking work emails, updating company news and consulting with colleagues are effective ways to re-engage in the work environment. Getting an up-to-date overview of what's happening at work and communicating with the team will allow you to quickly get back up to speed and avoid losing important information. Creating an up-to-date picture of work matters will not only help you overcome any nostalgic feelings from the vacation, but also prepare you more effectively for the return to work mode


The space in which we spend most of our working day has a significant impact on our productivity and overall well-being. Creating a comfortable workspace that meets individual needs and preferences is key to a successful and harmonious return to the work routine.

Start by carefully choosing a desk and chair that will meet your individual needs. Correct ergonomics helps prevent back and neck pain, which is important for long-term comfort at work. "In the office, including at home, all equipment should be subject to ergonomics. Back pain is starting to rank among the most widespread diseases of civilization. Thanks to a high-quality ergonomic chair, you can successfully prevent them. When choosing, ask for chairs that offer dynamic seating with synchronous mechanics and lateral pressure adjustment of the backrest. With the vast majority of chairs, you will encounter a range of 50-125 kg of body weight. However, 150 kg of sitting is no exception," advises Michal Hotmar from RIM CZ.


Although the word "routine" may evoke feelings of stereotype and boredom, there is no need to fear it. Instead of relying on a monotonous stereotype, you can create several different daily routines for the work week. To make it easier for you to maintain this new routine, we recommend keeping a calendar or daily planner where you carefully record each activity and their times. Introducing this structure to your life can help you overcome the initial challenges after returning from Christmas break and support you in achieving your work and personal goals.


Avoiding putting pressure on yourself is a key element in easing back into the swing of work after the Christmas break. We often put unhealthy pressure on ourselves in terms of work performance, which ultimately leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. It's important to remember that most people go through a similar process of returning to work after a vacation.

There is no need to compare yourself to ideals or expectations, but rather to accept that it takes time to adjust to the work pace and return to real working life. Scheduling your work hours after the holidays can help ease the post-holiday blues. Plan a reasonable amount of work each day and adjust your expectations of what you can achieve. Set realistic and achievable work goals that will keep you grounded and passionate about your work.


Long hours spent sitting at a computer in an inappropriate workplace can negatively affect your body and overall well-being. Regular short breaks are key to maintaining flexibility and preventing back and neck pain.

"However, the best chair cannot replace regular movement and stretching. If you spend an eight-hour shift only sitting at the computer, moreover, in an unsuitable chair, it is no wonder that your body will be stiff and pain will come over time. I recommend interspersing the session with regular breaks. During this break, you can walk and stretch," comments Michal Hotmar.

Give your body and mind a well-deserved 5-minute break every hour to stretch, take a few steps, and re-energize. Think of it as an investment in long-term comfort and performance. "At RIM CZ, we are now also considering Smart Sitting technology, which would monitor the time you have sat and alert you to the need to change your position, take a walk or do some exercises," adds Michal Hotmar from RIM CZ.



A modern chair with a high backrest upholstered with mesh and a seamless seat with an integrated slide (6 cm). The chair is equipped with the ST1 synchronous mechanism, which enables the so-called dynamic seating. To increase sitting comfort, the chair can be supplemented with an XXL seat, a headboard with hanger or 4D armrests.


Rectangular work table on solid oak legs. Light, subtle board with solid oak base. It stands out at the work chair and in meeting rooms. Thanks to the possibility of a variable number of bases, you can adapt the final length of the table to all requirements. For conference use, CONNECT also offers connection points and cable organizers.