Correctly set air conditioning

When cooling, it is necessary to ensure that the difference between the internal and external temperature does not exceed six degrees, a higher difference endangers health. The optimal temperature is considered to be 24.5 ° C. If you do not have air conditioning in the office, buy fans or at least try to create a draft in the room naturally.

Most modern offices have systems that use water or coolant as a medium. The first method has an economic advantage in that the central system distributes water throughout the building to individual units, but the effect is not immediate. Air conditioning with the use of refrigerant is more economically demanding, but more comfortable for the users themselves.

— Petr Pachovský, air-conditioning specialist, CAPEXUS —

Green plants

Living plants in the office interior reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, capture dust particles and increase air humidity. Thanks to them, it is so even in hot weather
more pleasant in the office. Indoor plants also have a positive effect on employee productivity. Mainly denser vegetation then shortens the reverberation time, thus reducing the noise level and overall improving the spatial acoustics in the room.

Turn off excess lights

It's hot in the office and dozens of computers running at full capacity add a few more degrees. The source of heat can also be unnecessarily lit lights.
In some offices it is lit regardless of the time of day. If this is the case for you, turn off the lights that shine unnecessarily. It is also appropriate to place servers, copiers, refrigerators and other devices emitting heat in other rooms.

Blinds and awnings

Office buildings can protect themselves from the heat with the equipment itself. The basis is proper insulation
and also shading. This prevents the harsh sunlight from entering and thus helps to keep the temperature lower.

Window blinds, external blinds or awnings are suitable shading. If there is no external shading, it is advisable to equip the windows with at least internal shading - namely aluminum blinds, which help at least partially.

— Petr Pachovský, air-conditioning specialist, CAPEXUS —

More breaks

Tropical days require more breaks. Ten-minute breaks may sound like an unnecessary luxury when you're short on time, but rest actually boosts efficiency. Try it
walk down the hall, rinse your face with cold water
and bite into something good, maybe you'll come up with a great solution to a problem you've been puzzling over for hours.

Change of working hours

If you can't avoid the heat in the office, try
adjust your working hours at least. On hot days, try to come to work earlier and in the morning, when temperatures are more pleasant, pack the essentials. If, in addition, the temperature in the office exceeds during extreme heat
36 degrees, the employer should apply the regime of work rotation and regular safety breaks.

Sufficient fluids

On hot days, it is also necessary to pay attention to proper hydration. Forget about alcohol or sugary drinks and treat yourself to an iced coffee instead. The most suitable
is plain water or cold unsweetened tea. If the temperature in the workplace exceeds 34 degrees Celsius, you as an employee are entitled to free mineral water.

Source:// CAPEXUS