The breakthrough came only a decade later - at the end of 2022, the company submitted a new plan under the name JGA Multifunctional Object for environmental impact assessment (EIA). Immocap thus chose a more acceptable alternative, today building a parking garage on this site would no longer be relevant. There is a parking policy and dependence on cars is reduced by the well-established public transport system.

One of the first visuals of the multi-functional building, which was supposed to replace the previously planned parking garage. | Source: Immocap / EIA

In June 2023, the project already received a valid opinion as part of the environmental impact assessment. The district office decided that it would not be assessed and thus passed the EIA.

A project from the pen of a quality studio

At that time, the public did not yet know the concrete form of the project, but only the situations, sketches and the name of the architectural studio - Čechvala Architects. The office has been on the scene since 2009 and has several solid implementations or plans in its portfolio. These include, for example, the proposal for the construction of the sports LBG Arena in Rač, which was behind the hockey player Ľubomír Višňovský, but also the elegant reconstruction at Kozej 16 in the heart of the historic center or the construction of the new headquarters of Západoslovenská energetika in downtown.

Everything indicated that a suitable house could be added here, adequately responding to the surrounding development. And that's what happened - the experienced office designed a building with six above-ground floors and two underground, while the architects visually divided the entire building into two separate masses. With this intervention, the new project respected the original solution of the proposed parking garage, and the two facades also reflected the height distribution of the building in the axis of the building.