Businesses around the world are trying to find the most effective ways to bring employees back to the office. The good news is that employees are not refusing to come to work. Just as they want meaningful work, they also desire a workplace that not only provides functional benefits, but also supports their well-being and reflects personal needs. They want a job and an environment where they can perform well and help them address their work-life balance. In turn, companies expect that 21st century offices will help them attract talent, increase engagement and productivity.

Matúš Lipták, COO HB Reavis

Matúš Lipták, COO HB Reavis

Part of the solution are offices that function as a destination. Work and office where people go because they want to and not because they have to. As many as 84% of employees say that such an office would motivate them to leave the home office more often. "Offices as a destination combine spaces for individual and team work, creating opportunities for spending time together. They combine a well-thought-out interior with attractive outdoor spaces, such as community terraces and gardens, and with services directly in the building. In addition to the location of the building and the flexibility of its premises, the key aspect is sustainability and also the use of the latest technologies to create a more inclusive and healthier working environment," says Matúš Lipták, COO of HB Reavis.

New destination - Apollo Nivy

(source: Ondrej Synak)

Office buildings that meet the criteria of an office as a destination are also increasing in Bratislava. They also include the two latest projects from HB Reavis - Nivy Tower and Apollo Nivy. Apollo Nivy – is eight floors of efficiently used space that supports not only a sense of community, but also cooperation between users. It is no accident that IBM and Lidl Slovakia chose it as their headquarters, which are among the most attractive employers. Nivy Tower, in turn, became the first building in Slovakia with the highest possible level of well-being certificate WELL - WELL Platinum.