The most modern station in the world

Labant has ranked the bus station, which will serve passengers on Thursday, among the most modern in the world, not only for passengers but also for carriers. "Perhaps we are more motivating people to use bus transport. "They can get directly to the shopping center from the surrounding towns and villages and get things at the post office, buy groceries or spend free time with the children," Labant said. He declares that all major carriers will travel to the station.

The operating time of the terminal will be continuous. Passengers will find there 36 platforms (of which 25 for regional and 11 for international and long-distance connections) and seven exits. "In addition to the camera system, security will be supervised by a security service. The state police will also have a smaller branch here, "Labant said. The station is located on the minus first underground floor. According to him, there is no need to worry about air quality." Air exchange is ensured. Its quality will be like outdoors, "he said.

There is also a luggage storage room for passengers. Departures and arrivals of connections will be displayed, for example, on an eight-meter-long digital wall of the airport type. There will also be self-service digital information kiosks and a free Wi-Fi network. Services for carriers are also to be improved. A gas station, car wash, express service or vehicle maintenance and cleaning section are ready for them.

There is also a shopping center

The project of the Nivy complex is a combination not only of the mentioned international bus terminal but also a shopping center, a market and a high-rise administrative building. The green roof offers a jogging track, exercise or picnic areas, a community garden and children's playgrounds. The building will also operate the first automated parking cycle tower in Bratislava.

"The project is exceptional in its complexity and that it combines various functions. The main function is the transport function from the point of view of an international bus station of the highest standards. However, there is also a large public space in the form of a multifunctional green roof. There is also a plethora of operations, "said René Popik from the development company HB Reavis, which built the project.

Construction began in May 2017 on work on the Niva Tower office building. Remediation work on the site of the old bus station in Mlynské nivy began in October 2017 and was completed in January 2018. The function of the existing bus station is performed by a replacement bus station on Bottova Street in Bratislava. The last connection from this station leaves on Wednesday at 2.30 am to Prague. The developer will build a new project focused on housing, offices and services on the land of the temporary station.