The developer VYDRICA DEVELOPMENT (joint-stock companies Vydrica and Lucron Group joined in it) in addition to the sale of apartments in the 1st stage in this new district near the Danube embankment, has also started the process of renting premises intended for retail operations.

The deadline for the 1st stage is 2024

Construction work at this stage began in March 2022 and continues according to schedule. They are currently in the phase of realization of the reinforced concrete constructions of buildings V1 and V2 already above the ground level and the Embankment arm.gen. Ludvík Svoboda. In successive steps, the Ice Pit with a dome is provided at the border of the first and second phases of the project.

The planned completion date of the 1st stage is 2024. There will be 228 apartments in apartment buildings V1 to V4, while almost 60% of the apartments were sold by the end of June. There are also 27 commercial establishments with a total area of ​​more than 4,300 m2 and offices with an area of ​​2,360 m2. Almost 65 commercial establishments are planned in the entire project. The first stage will be largely focused on gastronomy and additional services, where the reason is the creation of an attractive public space in the vicinity of the national cultural monument Water Tower. In the next stage of the project, the so-called destination retail.

Focusing on local brands

The intention is that shops and service operations in Vydrica form a compact and well-thought-out whole. "That's why we primarily want to rent these spaces. However, in the case of an interesting offer, we are also open to negotiations on the possible purchase of these premises," said Lucron's business director and representative of the developer Ermanno Boeris, who considers this brand a strategic partner. In addition to above-standard housing, the project mainly wants to bring high-quality urban environments and services for residents and visitors.

Yeme is planning a food operation with its own bakery and bistro on an area of ​​600 m2. His supermarket is built on the offer of local and artisan foods, at the same time foreshadowing the overall retail concept in Vydrica, which wants to focus on local brands and original products and services.

The operation of the supermarket will be established on the ground floor of the V2B building, in the immediate vicinity of the Water Tower complex. Access to the store will be possible not only from the street, but also from the underground parking lot.

Sale of operations in Urban Residence

In 2021, developer Lucron sold retail operations along Račianska Street in the Urban Residence project in Bratislava's Novi Mesto. It was taken over as a whole by the Bratislava company from the group of companies Coopex Hold, formerly E Store. The price of the deal was not disclosed.

Business director Boeris said at the time that the recipe for a successful retail concept in Urban Residence was high-quality public spaces, available parking, a purposeful selection of establishments and the all-day presence of a large number of potential customers. Compared to large shopping centers, it has significantly lower costs for tenants of commercial and operational premises.

The first stage of the construction of the project includes a set of four residential and one office building. They will be located in the space between the Fisherman's Guild and the Water Tower.