The head of the Slovak Parliament, Boris Kollár, visited the 22-story building called Park Hotel, which was completed by L. Hudec in 1934, with a delegation. "It's an amazing building. I think it was the tallest building in Asia for 30 years. Before, there was a race track, there were marshes. Therefore, he invented a technology to build a high-rise building on swampy, unstable ground, and he managed to anchor the structure. It was a revolutionary construction technology, something we should be proud of," said B. Kollár.

In Shanghai, Ladislav Hudec, also known by his Chinese name Wu Dake (pronounced: Wu Ta-kche), designed more than 60 buildings, a third of which are on the list of protected Chinese historical monuments. The Park Hotel was the tallest building in Asia until 1952 and the tallest building in Shanghai until 1983.

On Thursday, Boris Kollár is scheduled to negotiate with the leaders of the city of Shanghai. On Friday, he will have a meeting with a representative of the Chinese company Geely, which controls the Volvo car company.