According to the portal, the October real estate health index deviated slightly from the four-month interval (2.64 - 2.67) and achieved an improvement to 2.57. This value, which expresses market developments from 1 to 5, where 5 is the worst rating, is close to this year's best score of 2.54, achieved in May.

Good after the pandemic?

"Although it is currently positive, statistics since 2013 show that the spring and autumn peaks of the real estate health index were usually around 2.4. It is therefore clear that it will be 'good' only after the pandemic, "commented portal analyst Michal Pružinský.

According to the forecast, the value of the November real estate health index will be 2.65. Values ​​from 2.6 to 2.7 would have announced a deterioration or stagnation in the real estate market a few years ago, but at present this can be considered stabilization, taking into account the development and outlook in the entire Slovak economy.

Better numbers in Bratislava

Regarding the October improvement in the value of the index, the trend from September continued. However, real estate entities in Bratislava rate the market better than those outside the capital. In October, the index in the metropolis of Slovakia was 2.49, in other parts of Slovakia 2.6. Also in November, Bratislava entities forecast a better mark (2.54) than those outside Bratislava (2.65).

According to Pružinský, the development of the index indicates that even in the last month of the year there will be no such a sharp drop as last year at the turn of the year. The market has apparently adapted its business strategies to the realities of this time. "We believe that the year 2022 will start in better positions than before," Pružinský noted.