Apartments already with partial equipment

1- to 4-room apartments in the Magnolia 1 stage will be available with a kitchen unit, built-in wardrobes and lighting, which will make it much easier for new owners to furnish. The residents will also be served by a common laundry on the ground floor. At this stage of the NUPPU project, there will be 95 apartments on 8 floors. Parking will be provided by parking spaces in the garage in front of the building, parking spaces for motorcycles are already standard.

Co-working space and greenery in the park

In each stage of the NUPPU complex there is a practical common room - a clubhouse, which will also be located on the ground floor of the Magnolia stage 1. As interest is expected especially from younger people, this clubhouse will be adapted and equipped as a co-working space. make the most of work.

The almost two-hectare courtyard, which provides a wide range of leisure opportunities, is the largest community space in the project. It is a place where you can relax thanks to rest areas, walk your pet or play sports. There is also a place for a family picnic or barbecue with friends. The yard has grown gradually with each new stage and will soon be finally completed.

"The NUPPU complex provides its residents with quality housing, as well as spaces for relaxation and rest in a generous yard full of trees, benches, but also sports fields and various equipment. I am convinced that the inhabitants of the next stage will also be pleased with the community, which has been successfully working on the project for a long time, "says Milan Murcko, CEO of YIT Slovakia.

The most modern form of prefabrication

A significant novelty in the construction of this part of the project will be the use of prefabricated building elements. From the 3rd above-ground floor, the load-bearing walls of the building will be completely built from finished prefabricated parts, which have not yet been used in Slovakia. The company YIT Slovakia cooperated in their development with the company Váhostav, which provided its know-how from industrial constructions. The use of prefabricated parts will speed up the construction process and at the same time increase the quality and accuracy of the construction, as prefabricated walls are produced in a hall where their production is not subject to weather conditions. The material used is pure reinforced concrete, it does not contain slag admixtures typical of "prefabricated" construction from the past, and the building components will also be characterized by greater rigidity. Prefabricated footrests will also benefit future residents, which will reduce noise transmission in the project. Of course, the whole new product meets all technical, fire and acoustic standards.

The use of prefabrication has also been shown to reduce the building's carbon footprint. Thanks to industrial production, less waste will be generated, fewer wet processes will be performed on the construction site and at the same time fewer workers will be needed on the construction site. This is automatically associated with less room for human error and increases safety on the construction site.

"Our strategy is to look for sustainable solutions in construction, so we try to bring energy-efficient concepts to Slovakia with the lowest possible environmental footprint. I am glad that we can now introduce another novelty that uses innovative procedures and more sustainable technologies and brings a new affordable concept for young first-time buyers as well, ”adds Milan Murcko.