The demanding restoration of the national cultural monument took four long years, but there has been life in the building again for more than a year. After the first tenant, which became the Slovak branch of Microsoft, the company BK, a.s., which deals with building reconstructions, fittings and technical administration of buildings, also joined the building. Among the first tenants on the ground floor to offer their services to the public were up to two operations focused on cycling - the MT Biker store and the Isadore brand of the Velitsov brothers. Those on the ground floor of the Silocentral have built a community cycling club, which today works closely with the MT Biker store to build an active cycling community. Together, they organize bicycle rides, screenings and provide advice to all fans who are looking for a bicycle as a more environmentally friendly form of transport or reach for it in sports.

Already at the end of the summer, the developer announced that the occupancy of the building exceeded 80%, today it reveals the names of other tenants who have joined the building these days.

New YIT headquarters, showroom coming soon

The first of these is the developer YIT Slovakia himself, who moved his headquarters here. Since the beginning of November, more than 150 employees have occupied part of the highest, third floor with an area of ​​1,850 m2. Industrial windows and original cast iron columns have become the basis of modern spaces, which are dominated by comfortable upholstered seating, interior greenery and fresh pastel colors. However, according to the general director Milan Murck, the main benefits of the space are the creative zones, which will support the cooperation of individual departments. "For the past 4 years, Pradiareň has been our flagship and a project that represents our approach to history and our vision for the future of the capital. I am therefore glad that in this inspiring environment we can create together with our whole team. Compared to the previous premises, which were in the form of closed offices, the new offices will provide a place for both creative and focused work, ”adds Milan Murcko.

Despite the fact that employees currently spend about a quarter of their time in the new premises for security reasons and the rest work in the form of a home office, the new offices are praised. And also because of the location. As YIT currently has all its projects under construction in the Ružinov district, the new headquarters will facilitate the connection of project teams with those on the construction site. At the beginning of next year, employees of the sales and client change department will also join the headquarters. A modern showroom will be created on the ground floor of Pradiarna, where clients will remember everything they are interested in buying or renting an apartment, choosing a standard or solving client changes.

Private banking

The building already houses the private banking of Slovenská sporiteľňa Erste Private Banking. The largest Slovak bank has been in contact with Pradiarňa for a long time, as it participated in the co-financing of the ZWIRN project in the form of a bond issue for Erste Private Banking clients. "The project has had our trust from the beginning. It is a beautiful space that brings visitors a positive experience, just like our bank, "explains Michal Orlovský, Director of Erste Private Banking in Slovakia.

With an area of ​​separate meeting rooms for meetings with private banking clients, the 440 m2 area also offers an open space with a chill out zone for all employees. "We are very pleased to have access to the green terrace in the new premises, where we will be able to organize events for clients or employees. At the same time, we are pleased that the new premises will allow us to communicate with clients online at a professional level. Even before the coronary crisis, we were the largest digital bank and the pandemic accelerated this process. Therefore, when choosing new premises, we also placed emphasis on modern technologies so that we could also communicate with clients digitally, ”concludes Michal Orlovský.

There will also be events for the public with an emphasis on design

A varied mix of tenants will be complemented by a representative from the creative environment - the Lighting Beetle * design studio, whose 40 employees will fill the premises in the Silocentral with an area of ​​540 m2. It is planned to move to its premises in the spring of next year. "We have been actively looking for a new space for four years and we have had several projects on the shortlist from the studio of Bouda Masár, who has extensive experience with the restoration of monuments of this importance. Our goal was to find the background for cooperation with clients in the form of workshops and mutual collaboration, which are essential for design work. At the Pradiarna and the special Silocentral we were approached by the fact that it met all our dream criteria and we did not have to compromise on it. We wanted a private entrance without a reception, large windows and a space that, despite the A standard standard, does not make a corporate impression. The condition was also an excellent background for cyclists and immediate access to the exterior with greenery, which Pradiareň with its square full of plane trees meets perfectly, "explains Marek Šolc, Finance Director & Partner.

In addition to its clients, the agency plans to attract the professional and lay public to its premises through events and lectures related to the topic of design. "Even before the pandemic, we thought about the area differently. It was confirmed to us that we don't need so many fixed boards, given that not everyone goes to the office every day for focused work, but it is just creative meetings, design workshops or corporate and public educational events that we want to meet for, "he concludes. Marek Šolc.