The construction of Lakeside park 02 is in front of the finish

The construction of the Lakeside park 02 office building in Bratislava's New Town has reached its full height of 13 floors. Construction work began at the end of February 2020. This office project will be, for example, the first anti-civic building in Slovakia with its air conditioning system or contactless technologies.

Takenaka will complete the construction

Completion of the construction of Lakeside park 02 by Immocap and Wood & Company is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. The rough construction was carried out by Skanska and the work is continued until the finals by the general contractor, Japan's Takenaka. The project will bring 14,370 square meters of office space.

Lakeside Park 02

The project will bring 14,370 square meters of office space on 13 floors with a view of the panorama of the Little Carpathians and Lake Kuchajda.
There will be a public space in the form of a park and a large cycling background.
It is also planned to build 310 parking spaces on three underground floors and new parking facilities in front of the building.
Anti-Covid technologies: air conditioning with plate recuperation, air disinfection with humidifiers with colloidal silver, openable windows, CO2 sensors in conference rooms, non-contact elevator control
For Wood & Company, this is the first joint project with Immocap. In addition to expanding the offer of commercial and gastronomic facilities, according to the investment director Martin Šmigur, the landscaping in front of the building and space for smaller community events will also contribute to the attractiveness of the locality.

The completion of the rough construction is considered by Martin Šramko, the executive director of Immocap, to be an important milestone. The project brings above-standard solutions in the field of health protection or sustainability, which also appealed to the first tenants.