The wall as a canvas

The marketing manager at Penta Real Estate, Lukáš Pucovský, stated that they had been thinking for a long time about how to make the building more attractive so that it could visually fit into the locality and aesthetically complement the complex. Just painting the facade to a different color seemed uninteresting to them, so they decided to collaborate with street art artists. "Together we agreed that the building represents an excellent area for the presentation of the history of the area and that we will tell its story through art," L. Pucovský explained the origin of the idea. With this activity, Penta Real Estate also builds on its main motto "We create better places." One of the main goals of the company's philosophy is not only to create spaces for housing or work but also to bring quality public spaces accessible to all residents.

In the beginning there was a refinery

The central motif is the Apollo refinery, which was established in 1895, and was subsequently bombed on June 16, 1944 during World War II. The territory where she stood fell into disrepair for many years after the war. In 2008, Penta bought the land and the story of designing Sky Park began. The last phase shows an architectural sketch of the Sky Park Residences tower, which acts as an eye illusion and will be part of the view of one of the residential towers in the background. In the finale, the facade is a creative combination of symbols of old and new times. The paintings were made by Michal Turkovič, who has many years of experience with street art and linear graphics. He is a leading Slovak artist who specializes in large-format muralistic paintings in public spaces and focuses on the relationship between the city and the man in it.

The height dominant is also planned

In two phases, Sky Park by Zaha Hadid will bring a total of six high-rise buildings to the Bratislava real estate market. The project included a minimum built-up area, which made it possible to create a new city park with an area of ​​more than 35,000 m2 in the vicinity of the towers. As part of the project, Penta Real Estate is also carrying out the reconstruction of the historic building of the Jurkovič Heating Plant, which is a national cultural monument and which should open its gates to the public this autumn.

The first phase included the construction of three thirty-storey residential towers and the Sky Park Offices office building, which are already completed. The residential part will also include a fourth tower with the same parameters as the previous three. Its construction began this spring. Penta Real Estate also plans to build the Sky Park Tower high-rise office building, which also comes from Zaha Hadid Architects. With its height of almost 120 meters and its unique design, the tower has the ambition to become the dominant feature of the capital.

Source: // Reality Trend