He plans to build a project on the land, which will be a combination of housing and offices and which envisages the construction of complete civic amenities in the area. The project is currently in the process of preparation with the expected start of construction work within three years.


Fotografia pozemkov spoločnosti Penta Real Estate.

Source: Penta Real Estate

Penta Real Estate land photography.

Through the acquisition of land, Penta Real Estate is fulfilling its long-term growth strategy and consolidating its position as a major player in the local market. "This transaction is part of a strategic expansion in which we want to strengthen our long-term position as a major developer in the Bratislava real estate market. We perceive the area as very important for the development of the capital with the ambition to create a counterpoint to the business center and the emerging downtown on the other bank of the Danube, "says Juraj Nevolník, CEO of Penta Real Estate Slovakia.

Pozemky spoločnosti Penta Real Estate na južnom brehu Dunaja.

Source: Penta Real Estate

Penta Real Estate land on the south bank of the Danube.

"Historically, larger and longer-term projects have proved their worth to us, one of which is, for example, the newly emerging Bory district, which we are building in the west of Bratislava. That is why we have decided to enter into this great plan, as building this type of project will take decades. I believe that in its conclusion, the quality of real estate development in our capital will once again move forward a few steps. ”Concludes Nevolník.