The investor started building the Niva complex on 15 May 2017 with excavation work on the site of the currently tallest building in Slovakia - Nivy Tower, and about five months later the demolition work of the then Mlynské Nivy bus station, the author of the project with a generous entrance building was architect Valéria. Triznová. The original station was opened in 1983.

The first bus headed for Schwechat
The developer handed over the new bus station to Slovak Lines, which is to operate it for the next 40 years, TASR wrote.

The first bus left at 3.00 am to Schwechat Airport. The CEO of Slovak Lines, Pavol Labant, believes that the station on Mlynské nivy will not only be modern, but will also help increase the number of passengers in public transport.

On the occasion of the opening of the station, the mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo, stated that it is not difficult to find ten differences between the old and the new station.

"I am glad that the entrance to Bratislava for visitors and residents of the city will be at the level of the 21st century," he stated. He welcomed the fact that it was possible to agree with the developer and achieve improvements in the project regarding sidewalks, bike paths, greenery and maintaining the number of parking spaces in the area.

He added that the inhabitants of the city would certainly welcome a new and more dignified face in the case of the main railway station and its surroundings, another transport gateway to the city and to Slovakia. However, this is in the hands of the state railways.

There is a community garden on the roof

A quality and representative public space is one of the pillars on which the Niva complex stands, René Popík, the executive director of the developer, told TREND.

At HB Reavis, they work in the form of product design. They identified the needs of the inhabitants of the Niva complex in the form of workshops in several rounds, which was subsequently reflected in the offer of activities on the green roof.

"From our point of view, there are many ways to spend time there - to relax and work. It was a challenge to design the whole building and combine the functions that are in it - the bus station, the market, the roof, "he said.

Visitors to the roof can also admire the Community Garden, which was established in cooperation with the Živica organization, within the planted trees and greenery. The first part of the garden is to teach people how they can coexist with ornamental and useful plants.

"We also have an emotional walkway for children, where they learn about different surfaces, as well as an insect hotel. Next year, we would like to bring bee hives, "said Beata Moriová, PR manager of the Niva Center, adding that in the second part there are flower beds that will be taken care of by the community.

He considers the grill to be a "candy" on the roof. The roof is open to the public from 6 am to 11 pm, which can be used by athletes and lovers of evening views. According to her, similar buildings have office buildings, but smaller ones.

Motorists have 2,150 parking spaces

Since the opening of the new floodplains on 30 September, the first underground roundabout in Slovakia has been in operation. It will be the main entrance gate to the underground car park or the AlzaDrive.

There are a total of 2,150 parking spaces available, almost half of which are in the parking house with entrances from the streets of Mlynská niva and from VUB banka. Pedestrians can get to the Niva center through three main entrances, one of which will be open 24 hours a day.

In addition to the new cycle paths, cyclists will also use the first fully automated cycle tower in Bratislava. A fully automated parking house for bicycles will allow up to 118 car drivers to switch to a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport. It is possible to park a bicycle in the bicycle tower for 4 hours free of charge.

World brands and leading Slovak designers

On the sales area of ​​up to 70,000 m2, visitors will find a number of retail establishments and services, including proven brands, as well as new stores that have not been in Slovakia so far.

World brands such as Zara Home and Oysho from the Spanish Inditex will open their operations in Niva and for the first time in Slovakia, which will open all its concepts here as the only shopping center in Slovakia.

Models of well-known Slovak designers such as Boris Hanečka, Michaela Ľuptáková, Catherine Mulier and others in the SOM Store concept store are waiting for lovers of unique pieces.

There are also banks, branches of operators in Nivy, and postal services will be returned to the site, which will be presented with new modern solutions. will come with an exceptional showroom and underground AlzaDrive and the Martinus bookstore with a special children's zone. The Lidl chain or the local Yeme concept is ready for everyday shopping.

Modern market with local products

On the second floor there is space for a new gastronomy, which also includes a market. The concept of a modern market full of quality local products from proven farmers is complemented in the Niva Market by classic food courts, cafes, restaurants and fresh food shops. The famous Yeme food will also open its first gluten-free bakery here.

Despite the unfavorable situation for the restaurant segment, Tržnica Nivy has the ambition to bring a rich offer of local and fresh food in a short time, as well as restaurant operations.