The company also confirmed that it plans to create a new, living space on the site for living, working, spending free time and will also maintain its cultural and social function. "We have been working on the preparation of the project for more than 4 years, we have organized a large international architectural competition, the winners of which are the renowned Dutch studios KCAP and Cityförster. We are proud to bring to Trnavské mýto a project that will significantly improve the lives of Bratislava residents in many ways, ”says Martin Šramko, CEO of Immocap.


Immocap will begin in the first half of January 2022 with the installation of a building fence around the former House of Trade Unions, which, in addition to its standard function, will also serve as a means of communication with the public. At this stage, the first work on the facade and the dismantling of the marble cladding will also begin. As the investor promised at the beginning, he will gently store this tile so that it is ready for re-use directly in Nový Istropolis, but also for city or state organizations if interested. Immocap has also responded responsibly to works of art and artifacts which it has recently stored in a special warehouse in collaboration with an expert company and plans to place in a new project.

The location of Trnavský mýto and the Nový Istropolis project are considered by Immocap, also thanks to the excellent transport accessibility and compliance with the city's zoning plan, as the most suitable alternative for the establishment of the National Cultural and Congress Center (NKKC). The developer is ready to maintain the cultural and social function on the spot even if the state does not show interest in cooperation.

Nový Istropolis prinesie kvalitné verejné priestory

The cultural and social function in New Istropolis will be preserved.

"We have offered the state and the Civic Association for the NKKC co-financing with our own resources in the amount of EUR 15.6 million, including the provision of land as well as contributions of foreign and own know-how. Immocap is not interested in being a recipient of state aid for the construction of the NKKC, because according to a government resolution, this is the NKKC Civic Association. We are interested in dialogue with state officials and the NKKC, because we believe that the cultural and social part of the project in Nový Istropolis is something that can be built in Slovakia once every 100 years. Such a project would be a huge benefit not only for Bratislava, but also for the whole of Slovakia. In the event that the state does not show interest in this form of cooperation, we will look for other options for financing or modifying the cultural part of the project so that the culture is preserved and at the same time it can be financed from private capital. In any case, we will fulfill the preservation of culture in Nový Istropolis, which we have also confirmed with our contractual obligations to the Nové mesto district, ”added Martin Šramko, CEO of Immocap.