The project of the new Istropolis, presented to the public already in 2020, will cultivate the location and bring a fundamental revival of the Trnava toll in the form of a vital zone with enough space for work, living and cultural and social enjoyment. The zone has all the prerequisites to become a dynamic point within the capital after the revitalization of the neglected area. The cultural and social hall, which will offer representative spaces for various types of cultural events, concerts, festivals, corporate events, lectures, exhibitions and congresses, will contribute to this.

In addition to a modern cultural and social hall and spaces for work and living, Immocap will also bring high-quality public spaces to the new Istropolis, on which it cooperates with the European top in urban planning - studios KCAP and Cityförster. In the new zone, there will be three new squares and a parterre with shops, services or gastro establishments and cafes. In addition to the mentioned cultural and social hall, these external zones will also offer other possibilities for the organization of cultural events, markets and community meetings. The intra-block streets between administrative and residential buildings will have a quieter and more intimate character. The plan is to replace the concrete surfaces and the unmaintained parking lot with a water surface, low and tall greenery - trees, flowers and lawns.